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Personalized T-shirt with African Fabrics

ZUGAdventurs t-shirt african fabrics
ZUGAdventures t-shirt africa fabric

only  25 €

A little history of these fabrics

This piece of colorful fabric that generates charm and curiosity wherever it goes, had its origin some centuries ago in the Asian continent and arrives in Africa through the commercial exchanges, that little by little, contribute to the coast of the Indian, concretely in Mozambique. In the beginning, the capulana appears like currency of exchange between the towns and only the monarchs used it, like symbol of representation of power. Thus, in its genesis, the capulana does not emerge as a matter of pure fashion, on the contrary: it appears as an instrument of legitimation of power.

This fabric, used in African countries to cover the body of women has evolved over the years in terms of textures, colors and even in its own use. Also called "cloth" in Angola and São Tomé and Príncipe, "kitenge" or "chitengue" in Zambia, Namibia and "canga" in Brazil, its use goes far beyond fashion: the fabric is worn by women in their day to-day to carry your children on the back, to carry muggles, to countless functions such as towel, curtain, table cloth, etc.

If you think it's just a piece of fabric, it's a mistake: the care and care with which women treat this fabric is different.

ZUGAdventures Afrian fabrics

ZUGAdventures make you feel unique !

Before the capulana was used to hide and preserve the woman's body, but today, with the trends of fashion, the capulana also serves to show the body of women. At present, the fabric is used to make all kinds of clothing.

It was in this sense that ZUGAdventures created this line of T-shirts UNIQUE and stitched by artists from Cape Verde.

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