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I was born in 1983, and from an early age I began to feel an enormous fascination for the ocean and nature. I became a marine biologist specialized in sea turtles, and I also have experience in other marine species like whales, dolphins, sharks and birds.
My professional experience has been obtained in many natural and cultural environments and in several countries, Portugal (mainland and Azores islands), Brazil, Cape Verde (Boa Vista, Santiago and Sal islands) and Sao Tome and Principe are the ones I highlight.
Apart from being a nature guide I´m also a diving guide and passionate about photography. 

 Ana Besugo

ZUGAdventures was born from the will to share an environmental vision based on sustainability, opening minds for the conservation and preservation of the natural world.
This project is located in Santa Maria, Sal Island, Cape Verde and promotes a quality and personalized service giving the maximum attention to its customers.

Several tours are available to give you a life time experience!


Be a recognized company in the field of ecotourism and outdoor activities, by allying adventure activities and environmental awareness.


Provide people with memorable experiences, through activities that involve leisure in balance with Nature and immersion in the culture of the place visited, adding emotions, feelings and knowledge that go beyond contemplating and recording images.



Check out my photography page

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